Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Late October 2013 Construction Update

It has been a long journey as we have ventured into New Fantasyland from concept to reality.  Today most of New Fantasyland is open and being enjoyed by guests who are now taken into a fresh and bolder Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.  We can now be part of some of the classic Disney stories that helped propel the Walt Disney Company and win the hearts of so many across the globe.  And now we wait, for the final piece to come together.  The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction that shares a new light on the classic Disney animated film, fittingly anchors this New Fantasyland that will endear generations of visitors for years to come.



As our anticipation for the attraction heightens so does the construction pace seem to follow.  And though that may be more of an illusion as we count down the days to 2014, it is difficult not to notice how much closer we are at arriving at the completion date of the construction of this attraction as more and more of the final thematic elements take shape. In this latest 3-Part construction update series we will share with you all of the latest from around the construction site including new dramatic angles we have thus far not seen before.  In this first part of the construction update you will be treated to the south side of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction and see the new exit building structures taking shape.  We hope you enjoy this latest update and stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 that will soon follow!



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