The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s Concrete Hills Near Completion as Construction Rolls into November 2013 – Part 2

The rock-work of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train began construction near the main drop of the roller coaster many months ago and now as the completion date approaches the rock-work has made its way around the attraction show building and back to where it all began.  The visual focal point of the attraction has always drawn our interest and we’ve taken incredible photos of it, featuring the castle courtyard walls who help to frame your attention to just that area.  What was once just coaster track and steel framing for the eventual rock-work that would surround the main mine drop is now receiving final touches as the adjacent areas are receiving the final pours of fresh concrete that will be needed to create the mine’s hills.  What we are seeing is a bolder looking attraction that gets closer and closer to the concept art we were privy to long ago.


In this part of our latest Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction update series, you’ll be treated to several beautiful shots of the main drop of the attraction and get a stunning appreciation for just how massive this attraction will feel within New Fantasyland as well as how much space will open up once the attractions walls are removed.  The latter will help with traffic flow but almost as important the improved sightlines will suddenly make New Fantasyland feel that much grander.  You’ll also notice the steel frame for the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage is now in place marking an interesting day in the construction of this detailed attraction.  Lastly, we continue to be fortunate enough to capture and honor the construction crews as they put their love and effort into the project whose shining jewels we shall enjoy in the months and then years to come.   We’ll have yet another amazing round of photos to come in the final update to this series but for now please do enjoy this latest grand tour of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.



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