New Disney Springs Concept Art Shows Off Florida Inspired Retail Wonderland

What is old is new again or perhaps what is history becomes classic reborn in nostalgia.  That is the magic the Walt Disney Company is hoping to capture within the retail and entertainment district at Walt Disney World as it undergoes a multi-year transformation that will double the number of offerings at the area soon to be formerly known as Downtown Disney.  Newly released concept art of Disney Springs continues to expound the thematic story inspired by turn of the century Florida lakeside towns.  The concept art gives us a refined look at The Landing, Marketplace and West Side which will make up the three neighborhoods that fan out from the new Town Center and there are some details that immediately stand out.  There is going to be substantial additional waterfront entertainment, shopping and dining options, second floor verandas and Florida inspired decorative elements such as the gentle sea cow (or manatees if you prefer) fountain , with its rather ornate tile work.  All of these elements combine to create drama but more importantly capture a liveliness and charming atmosphere that has escaped Downtown Disney in recent years and Disney is no doubt hoping to recapture by 2016, when construction on this project is expected to be complete.  Da Mouse will have more on Disney Springs shortly but for now enjoy the wonderful teaser that new Disney concept art always is.