Expanded Magic Kingdom Bus Transportation Hub Adds Capacity, Direct Routes to Other Disney Parks Soon

When one thinks of Disney’s theme parks, often you think of the amazing attractions you will ride but hardly ever does one truly think about the transportation that will take you around Walt Disney World.  That is until the end of the day arrives and the stampede to the Walt Disney World Monorails, boats and of course buses ensues.  And though some areas of Walt Disney World’s transportation system are seemingly being shamefully neglected, it is clear that the Walt Disney Company has been looking to improve its bus system and the critical Magic Kingdom hub.  The new expansion to the latter hub that made its debut this past weekend, aims to alleviate the issues that have made taking a bus back to a Walt Disney World Resort on a busy day an adequate but nowhere near magical process.  And it would be easy to dismiss the merits of this project as just a bigger bus stop which inevitably is what it is at its core but that would be missing the myriad of refinements that truly make this new addition at the Walt Disney World property relatively important and certainly welcomed.


Bus Hub Magic Kingdom Sized

Have you every tried exiting the Magic Kingdom after Wishes! and wished Aladdin’s Genie could grant your tired aching feet the gift of a quick bus trip back to your Disney resort?  Or have you ever seen the buildup of buses waiting their turn into what was the overcrowded Magic Kingdom bus hub?  Thankfully those days are becoming a thing of the past.  The first thing we noticed and we believe you will feel it too once you see the new bus hub is just how impressive the scale of it is now.  We are talking about thirty-four gates!  There is now more than enough room to handle the existing routes to all of Walt Disney World’s resorts and the expansion has created a plaza of sorts with planters and trees really rounding out the area’s new simple beauty.


What’s Better than One Bus? Two Buses in One

We know Disney began testing new bus paint schemes long ago, though we are not sure whether they’ve opted to go with the gray or white version or both just yet but we are certain this isn’t the only change coming to Disney buses.  You see not only are Disney buses moving on the cosmetic front, they are also going to be adding a new much larger sibling to the fleet.  Disney is getting into the articulated bus action which effectively connects two bus frames into one and thereby nearly doubling capacity.  These new larger buses will be used on the most heavily trafficked routes and the new bus hub was designed with these buses in mind.  In fact you will notice that some resorts such as Pop Century actually are assigned to two gates that are connected.  This should create efficiencies of scale long-term that make the process of getting to your Disney Resort or making your way to the Magic Kingdom all the smoother.


The Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) Bypass

So far we’ve talked at length about all transport to and from the Magic Kingdom to Walt Disney World Resorts but how about to other Disney Parks?  Well you’ll be happy to know that as part of this new hub expansion, beginning on December 15, 2013 you will no longer need to travel to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) to pick up those buses but rather you can make your way to the bus stop right outside the Magic Kingdom’s park gates.  The convenience of this change can’t be overstated as it’s been a feature of every other Walt Disney World theme park.


This new addition brings with it tons of little changes and in order to highlight them all we are going to have yet another post on the newly expanded Magic Kingdom bus stop soon.  Until then make sure to look at the wonderful pictures below.