Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Gets First Visible Ride Thematic Elements, Coaster Spotted Testing – Part 2

Although it feels like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction has been a long time coming, it takes little for us to get excited about this upcoming landmark attraction within Disney’s New Fantasyland.  That being said, a certain roller coaster mine car cruising through its twisting and turning path got us smiling all the more.  The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction entered its testing phase  back in September of this year but catching a glimpse of its mine car roller coaster vehicle in action is something that had thus far alluded us.  Needless to say we’ve got a good first batch of photos of it now and seeing it in person confirms our hopes for a kinetic force adding a pleasant energy back into the heart of Fantasyland.


This latest update also includes a look at the recently opened Disney Vacation Club (DVC) sales spot on the backside of the mine build that has enough details to make it worthwhile for a Disney fan not necessarily interested in DVC to take a stroll and see the locale on their next visit to New Fantasyland.  The expanded room also provides for an even more incredible overview and angle to which you can see Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid.  We will have more from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction site soon but for now, please do enjoy.