Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Gets First Visible Ride Thematic Elements, Coaster Spotted Testing

As the not so scary Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction site literally dwarfs the attraction that once presided at the Magic Kingdom known as Snow White’s Scary Adventures, a bit of the ride’s first major thematic elements has been put into place and you just might remember the sight from days gone by.  On the final lift hill of the attraction you will be greeted by the dark and iconic vultures that despite not being as menacing out in the open air should still give a sense of foreboding in the way that classic Disney villains always do.  This is just a small part of the two-part construction update we have for you that includes progress in nearly the entirety of the build.


You’ll notice that painting is almost finished on the final sections of rock-work, the installation of new lamp posts throughout the various sidewalks and entryway, along with just an incredible flurry of construction that has the east side of the attraction nearly ready for its faux grass treatment and the west side of the construction showing tons of new steel for the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage.  Enjoy the photos of the latter and more and stick around for part two where we get our first shots of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s vehicles cruising along the track!



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