Festival of the Lion King Relocation Construction Shows Steady Progress As New Year Approaches

Just a couple of months ago we shared with you our first look at Disney’s impending relocation of the Animal Kingdom staple, Festival of the Lion King.  This relocation project is part of the process that will eventually see an AVATAR themed land rise at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.  By moving the Festival of the Lion King into the Africa area of the park, it continues to create even stronger anchors throughout the Animal Kingdom that will naturally pull guests in opposite directions depending on their preference of attractions and theoretically create better guest flow.  Still one has to wonder how the overly crowded Africa entrance will be able to handle the new masses of guests entering the land to see their favorite Disney stage show.




Lion King Relocation Construction December 9, 2013 (Left)


The progress in the past two months of construction has been substantial though it reveals the work left to be done on this project may have been larger in scope than we had first assumed.  Tons of new steel infrastructure has been added to the prefabricated concrete walls we had seen on our prior visit to the site and you’ll also notice work on the new barrier wall.


Lion King Relocation Construction December 9, 2013 (Right)


Animal Kingdom doesn’t quite feel like the construction kingdom that Magic Kingdom felt like during the height of New Fantasyland construction but it is undeniably in a major transition phase as it looks to become a full-day worthy experience.  We’ll keep you up to date on this project and more as the transformation continues.