Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction Welcomes Fantasyland Forest, More Vehicle Testing

They say it is better to give than to receive and so we are back with a little gift, another Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction update as we move right into the heart of Christmas time.  With the mine train coaster cars swerving back and forth through the track it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to contain our excitement for what should be a new staple attraction at the Magic Kingdom that may very well become an instant classic.  Earlier this month we caught our first glimpse of vehicle testing as the train cars rolled down and around out of the main lift hill.  This week we were fortunate enough to catch another series of runs off the second lift hill and it gives us another good look at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s vehicles.  Construction continues to focus on the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage, the planting of even more trees as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction joins the Fantasy Forest and the remaining sculpting and painting of rock-work that is nearing completion.  Yet our favorite sight was a group of Imagineers huddling over and inspecting the second lift hill of the attraction.  It is a good reminder of the countless people who pour their heart and souls into a project of this magnitude that will one day be enjoyed by millions of guests from around the world.  For now, as that day fast approaches, we invite you to examine the many glorious photos below of a construction site that continues to be filled with so many precious jewels.