House of Blues’ ‘The Smokehouse’ Brings Barbecue Flair To Downtown Disney’s West Side

We are still in the very early stages of the transition that will see Downtown Disney rise again as Disney Springs but just because the expected final completion date is two years away hasn’t stopped House of Blues from delivering yet the next small but exciting step in the massive overhaul.  Earlier this week House of Blues opened The Smokehouse and you smell the savory aroma of barbecue in the air as you approach through the westernmost entrances of Downtown Disney’s West Side.  The quick service menu provides the good hearty Americana you’d expect.  From a tender and simple Pulled Pork Sandwich that we sampled on our first visit and thoroughly enjoyed to an order of St. Louis Ribs (Half Rack) the simple menu actually delivers the favorites the way it should.  But eating doesn’t just involve a couple of your senses and to that end House of Blues has really delivered with The Smokehouse.




The decor of the new quick service location is spot on with a modern rustic touch and a marvelous marquee that screams “BARBQUE” with the feel of a classic hot rod.  It hits big in the nostalgia and makes this relatively small quick service food stand pop even amongst the variety of Downtown Disney and the larger House of Blues offerings.  And the visuals don’t end there as the newly expanded porch seating area is just the perfect mix of simple comfort and beauty with nice heavy black steel railings and large trees providing the perfect ornament to the seating area that is accompanied by the existing outdoor bar and performance stage.  There is nothing like grabbing your barbecue and classic American brew and relaxing amongst the breeze with the good background of live music and the energy of people sharing in the moment.  Those moments made me immediately recall our own slogan, Simple Disney Fun and if it continues to deliver that sentiment to us and all its customers in the future than it will have a small spot in the hearts of many reserved for this cut of blues.




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Pulled Pork Sandwich | 9.99

Slow smoked pulled pork topped with smoked tomato BBQ sauce on a brioche bun and served with housemade cole slaw

Pulled Chicken Sandwich | 9.99

Slow smoked pulled chicken topped with smoked tomato BBQ sauce on a brioche bun and served with housemade cole slaw

Smoked Turkey Leg | 7.99

Slow smoked turkey leg seasoned with House of Blues special spices

Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich | 11.99

Slow smoked beef brisket topped with smoked tomato BBQ sauce on a brioche bun and served with housemade cole slaw

St. Louis Ribs-Half Rack | 12.99

Slow smoked half rack of ribs rubbed with adobo spice, covered in smoked tomato BBQ sauce and served with housemade cole slaw

Hot Dog | 6.99

All beef hot dog served with chips

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Housemade Cole Slaw | 1.99

Baked Beans | 1.99

Potato Chips | 1.00

[tab id=3]

Candy | 1.25

Cookies | 1.25

Brownies | 1.25


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Bottled Beer

Domestic | 5 • Import | 6

Wine & Cocktails

Coke Products | 2.25

Dasani Bottled Water | 3



 –•– Happy Hour –•–

3PM – 5PM & 10PM – Close