New Fantasyland’s Forest Fills in as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Nears Opening – Part 2

With signs pointing to a potential opening sometime in March 2014, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction in New Fantasyland edges ever closer to its grand debut.  Already we have seen more portions of the attraction revealed from behind the construction walls that have littered Fantasyland for far too long.  Yet it shouldn’t be long before more and more becomes visible to guests as testing eventually turns into previews.  For now though, as Disney enthusiasts what stands out about this latest construction update from the world of the lovable seven are the fantastical trees and vegetation that make up the growing Fantasyland Forest.  It is becoming evermore clear that Walt Disney Imagineering has accomplished what it set out to do with New Fantasyland’s environment.  Although Fantasyland has charmed many a heart for generations, Walt Disney’s World’s Fantasyland has lacked the sheer natural beauty that plays a prominent role in Disney’s classic fairy tales.  Built over a large system of tunnels, Fantasyland’s use of large trees was restricted to only those that could survive in the few planters that resided in the Cinderella Castle courtyard.  The Fantasyland expansion, over an area devoid of that occupied by the tunnels, afforded Imagineers new freedom to design and play into the look of the classic Disney fairy tales that are filled with picturesque scenes that highlight nature.  With an assortment of trees and plants large and quite small, the illusion becomes seamless from our minds into the worlds of enchanted storybook characters.  But what has been fascinating is how Disney has continued to tell that story through the use of real and artificial plants side by side.


Our first experience with this in New Fantasyland was the overgrown seaside grass that covers a large portion of Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid’s facade and now it is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction’s turn.  With large trees that remind us of Christmas and other artificial shrubbery, the arid looking rock-work of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction has truly begun the march to its more lush Fantasyland Forest whimsy.  Sure it would be easy to overlook such small details but when you realize that these artificial trees have to be believably real, whilst graded to stand the worst of Florida’s weather elements including torrential rain, gusty winds and of course the sometimes overbearing Sun you realize it is not as simple as Disney makes almost everything seem to us.  So in a couple of months when you are having an incredible time with your loved ones, if for a second remember that so many people have worked incredibly hard and diligently to make dreams a reality in our world of today.



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