New Trailer of ‘Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Brings Villain To Fore

We knew the big game had one big ad we wouldn’t want to miss.  But when Captain America made his big game appearance we were teased to see the rest of the full-length trailer online and so now we have it here for all to enjoy.  This new full-length trailer for Captain America Winter Soldier shows a ton from the action sequences of the movie so if you are not keen on spoiling anything before films this may not be the trailer you are looking for, otherwise strap yourself in for what is set to be a much darker, strategic and bolder film for the protector of America.  We have been excited for this film since our first extended preview of it at last years D23 Expo in Anaheim, California but we can’t say each and every one of these new trailer bites doesn’t make us wish April 4, 2014 arrived just a bit sooner.