Casey’s Corner Outdoor Seating Expanding at the Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner, the Magic Kingdom’s hot spot for good ol’ American pastime quick bites has been closed for a considerable refurbishment that includes a revamping of nearby pathways and its outdoor seating area.  Casey’s Corner has to deal with incredible popularity that sometimes leaves the food spot in not the greatest of conditions.  Luckily the refurbishment will undoubtedly fix the wear and tears of the interior whilst the new expanded seating area pads being built into what was formerly reserved for greenery and everyone’s favorite Magic Kingdom ducks should enhance this cherished corner.  The nearby paths are also being widened and represents just one of the several projects attempting to ease guest flow within the Magic Kingdom and more specifically Main Street USA.  With Casey’s Corner set to reopen to guests on February 16, 2014 we expect the outdoor area should be completed by then or soon thereafter.  For now you can take a peek in our photos above and let us know your thoughts on this latest change at MK’s corn dog corner.