Disney Springs Water Causeway Under Construction To Connect ‘Marketplace’

Disney Springs is bringing tons of change to the retail mecca of Walt Disney World, Downtown Disney.  But the focus of Disney Springs will be on the revamped, former Pleasure Island and the new construction areas that shall form the new entrance.  Still both Downtown Disney’s West Side and Marketplace shall see a mix of overlays and new construction that will help tie them in with the larger revamp.  The, “over-the-water pedestrian causeway,” is just one such example as it will become one of the new visual and physical connections within the new Disney Springs Marketplace.  The water causeway, that is just fancy speak for a bridge, aims to circulate traffic into what has become the outer reaches of Downtown Disney.  The bridge begins near Rainforest Cafe and will end nearby T-Rex as can be visualized best in our photos of the construction.  Of course there is still a long time to go before completion but we’ll keep you up to date on its progress and all the exciting developments in Downtown Disney as Disney Springs moves from concept to reality with each passing day.