Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Receives Faux Grass Meadow Theming

Last week we witnessed the unleashing of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as Disney removed the construction walls nearest the main drop of the attraction.  With amazing video and of course plentiful photos we aimed to capture the excitement of that day as the all more exciting opening day for this New Fantasyland roller coaster approaches.  But even last week’s amazing update made clear that there was still work to be done to round out and complete the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s construction.  This latest chapter in our Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction update series starts to fill in those patches of construction literally as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train begins to receive its faux grassy meadows that really bring the whole Fantasy Forest theme of the mine and the surrounding areas to life.  Much like the faux grass that played a significant role in the theming of Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, these faux grass meadows really help to tell the whimsical story of joy and adventure that the lovable seven are to embark on with us.  Though the meadows are far from completed they already feel more ambitious than what was attempted and perhaps necessary for Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid.  The faux grassy areas are actually made up of a variety of plants and flowers and grass types making for a wonderful illusion that helps top off an already amazing themed attraction in the final stretches of construction before making its debut.  We’ll have more in the coming days from this Fantasyland mine but for now we hope you enjoy the wonderful photos below.