Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Inspired by “AVATAR” Begins Lengthy Construction Journey


Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an amazing theme park, in fact it is my sentimental favorite at the moment due to its sheer beauty, theming prowess and incredible potential.  But for many the latter is all they see, a park that has potential but at the moment not much really there to sustain a full day experience in the way Magic Kingdom with its sheer volume of attractions can demand.  When Pandora inspired by the movie Avatar arrives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2017, it will begin to revolutionize this magnificent theme park that celebrates the best of nature.  For a park that has barely been able to justify keeping its gates open past sundown, it will then have newfound courage, pride and of the utmost importance new glistening attractions.  Having been lucky enough to visit Animal Kingdom at night on various occasions I know that guests will discover a magnificent park that grows only more majestic as the night turns the adventures of the day into the mysteries of the night.  But all that fun, all that wonder begins with just a simple single strike into the ground or in the case of Disney a relatively muted groundbreaking ceremony that took place just last month.




A park that has barely been able to justify keeping its gates open past sundown will have newfound courage, pride and new glistening attractions.


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Today we bring you a construction update that lacks the detail and volume we are used to but rather has a sense of symbolism attached.  Sure there may be little more than a construction crane and trees and a wall dividing us from the land that will be but glancing at these few views we know that soon more will be here.  That future awaits and Da Mouse will bring it to you every tiny human or giant Na’vi step of the way.