Disney Springs Construction Continues as Parking Garage Reaches New Level at Downtown Disney

Anyone who has ever attempted to park at Downtown Disney, especially during peak seasons and hours knows the frustration that quickly sets in when cars are circling and looking for all too elusive parking spaces.  So imagine that Disney Springs aims to double the amount of offerings currently available at Downtown Disney and the effect that should have on its popularity and therefore parking.  Such an effect that Disney Springs will have new parking garages built, something that for a multitude of reasons Walt Disney World has eschewed in the past for guest use.  The parking garages will also help to make up for the parking spaces that will be lost in order to create the new entrance and shops of Disney Springs.  Construction continues at a steady pace with the first visible signs of construction paving their way into the second level of the garage.  This marks just the latest update in our continuous coverage of Disney Springs and we’ll have much more in the days and months ahead.


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