Casey’s Corner Reopens With Expanded Indoor Seating, Loses Its Charm?

Casey’s Corner represents one of the best experiences on Main Street U.S.A. so when it reopened yesterday from its substantial refurbishment we were curious to see if this Disney dining corner had received the tender loving care it was in desperate need of.   What we saw is something that leaves that TLC argument up for debate.


Casey's Corner Reopens


As expected Casey’s Corner reopened with fresh paint and everything looking rather pristine which is something we can often take for granted at Walt Disney World.  The crowds were heavy as usual, as if instead of selling hot dogs they were giving away hotel accommodations at Cinderella’s Castle Suite.  But the shock of this refurbishment comes from the indoor seating area of Casey’s Corner where the Americana theme really had flourished with the stadium styled bleacher seats and of course the television screen featuring America’s pastime.


Casey's Corner Expanded Seating



Now the big screen is gone in favor of a bar top for standing room eating and a couple of additional tables and likewise the bleachers have been removed to cram in more tables.  We are aware of the difficult position the Magic Kingdom is in trying to balance the limitations of the infrastructure of the past with the ever-increasing attendance numbers for the park and the capacity issues that presents.  Still the decision, at least as it appears at this moment, has taken away from the unique experience that was Casey’s Corner and more importantly represents yet another example in the series of small but significant thematic and experience-filled removals from Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom.  It isn’t the solution we’d have chosen because the sacrifice seems to take away too much of the essence of what makes the Magic Kingdom different from anywhere else you’d visit and other than providing additional seating doesn’t make the experience better than what was there before.  But we’d love to know what you think, what decision would you have made?  Let your voice be heard in our Casey’s Corner refurbishment poll question.  Despite our reservations, we are excited to see hot dogs and melodies flowing again and we’ll have more from Casey’s Corner soon once the expanded outdoor seating area appears from behind construction walls.