Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Late February 2014 Construction Update – Part 2

It’s good to be king, or at least King Triton believes so as his new “wood carved” statue ushers in our second half of this week’s Da Mouse Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction update series.  Though most of the visible additions to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train happened on the easternmost side of the attraction there are some notable updates that we shall point out to you here.  As you have already seen, King Triton has joined the New Fantasyland streets with his sizable statue that has taken up residence just outside of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) sales spot across from the exit of Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid.  As you might imagine, it has already become quite the photo spot.  As we move towards the main drop of the attraction more new details come into view.


Beyond more artificial plants now being in place, there is something that appears to be more significant.  The main drop of the attraction and the portion of track that immediately follows, now has some grey markings.  We don’t yet know the purpose of these markings but one of the photos does show the track’s paint having been shaved off.  Rather than speculate as to whether these markings are just part of the test and adjust process, we hope someone reading this post may know more and let us know.  There is another exciting development that just continues to add to the layers of theming present on the outside of this attraction.  The Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage has now received portions of its thatched roof.  There are some other smaller details to be found in our latest round of photos but we’ll leave you to just a bit of exploration in the photos embedded below.  Enjoy and stay tuned to Da Mouse later today as Disney is set to unveil their latest teaser video on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction showing off some of the attraction’s interior.