Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Late February 2014 Construction Update

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will soon make its debut in New Fantasyland which means we are ramping up our coverage of Walt Disney World’s latest attraction.  We’ve already seen major portions of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction revealed from behind construction walls and then artificial trees and meadows sprouting all over the surface of the mine’s hillsides.  And though this update is more of a continuation of what we saw in the last couple of weeks there are still a few nice surprises and thematic additions that make this latest two-part Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction update quite interesting.



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With so much careful attention to the outside of this attraction, one can only imagine the beauty inside…







As we had seen last week, the artificial meadows are varied and quite ambitious work from Walt Disney Imagineering and makes walking up to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction feel like nothing you’ve quite experienced before.  As the meadows spread to the easternmost side of the attraction so does much of our attention in this update and with good reason.  We had previously spotted some beautiful theming in this area to the left of the lift hill, where there is a single mine vehicle just jutting out of one of the themed mine shafts.  This bit of theming has really been filled in with additional rock-work, painting and props like a ladder and shovel.  With so much careful attention being paid to the outside of this attraction, one can only imagine the inside show scenes will be quite something as well.  It won’t be long now before we can venture inside but for now you’ve got some incredible vistas to enjoy as we countdown the days till the attraction’s opening.



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