Disney Springs West Side Construction Expands As Project Engulfs Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is deep in the early stages of its transformation into Disney Springs but now it truly feels as if the entire Disney retail mecca is engulfed with construction.  In fact, construction walls have now appeared over what used to be the open plaza adjacent to Bongos Cuban Café.  Though the West Side’s thematic overlay as it becomes part of Disney Springs seems to be the most modest out of the Downtown Disney districts, it still shows some promise.


The Transformation of West Side



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Disney Springs West Side Concept Art Overview




The concept art that will soon rise into reality shows a new building that likely will house a new restaurant and an abandoned railway bridge that may provide a trendy overhang to gaze upon the busy street below as guests make their way through the various shops.  We’ll have much more from the Disney Springs construction site soon, so stay tuned.


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