Magic Kingdom Not Quite as Magical as Hub Construction Takes Over

Where Disneyland is a park filled with character and charm, the Magic Kingdom is a theme park that radiates pristine magnificence.  Yet the latter is not the experience many should expect at least in the near future.  Cinderella’s Castle has been undergoing its now yearly refurbishment work that removes the Castle Dream Lights and lends for other repairs and touch ups.  But when coupled with the recently announced makeover of the Magic Kingdom’s “hub,” guests will encounter not only cranes but construction walls throughout, closed walkways and drained moats as far as the eye can see.  Though we are usually a champion of refurbishments across Disney Parks we must say this wouldn’t be a grand time for that once in a lifetime visit to the Magic Kingdom.  With that fair warning aside, make sure to take a look at the extensive work already underway with the goal of improving guest flow as attendance only grows.