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Casey’s Corner Outdoor Seating Area Returns at Magic Kingdom, Awaits Expansion

Casey’s Corner an iconic and beloved quick service dining locale on Main Street, U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom reopened with a shiny new look that we applauded and some other changes that we weren’t so keen on.  We are back for another peek at the dining area that now has seen the return of its outdoor seating.  It is difficult to describe the Simple Disney Fun of the Americana on display with Casey’s red and white color scheme on the beautiful tables, chairs and unforgettable umbrellas but let’s just say we are glad to see it back.  As you will notice in our photos the work on the expanded and surely almost doubling of the existing seating area is still yet to be completed.  But with progress as far along as it is, we wouldn’t be surprised if it opened sometime this weekend.  The outdoor seating area of Casey’s Corner remains the area we knew and loved and the additional seating should be a welcome sight to those looking for a place to sit and enjoy their meal.  Of course the interior is a bit of different tale at the moment.


The interior seating area at Casey’s Corner thus far has missed the mark, something that I hope to report one day soon has changed for the better.  For now though we have seen crucial theming replaced with next to nothing.  In fact Disney fans perusing our collection of photos below may notice something else that has gone missing at Casey’s Corner.  On a positive note, this latest walk-through of the indoor dining area gave us the most organized sight of it we’ve seen since it relaunched.  Believe it or not, there was actually enough space once again to walk through and into Main Street’s adjacent shopping.  I have to believe a couple of tables were removed but it could have just been the product of a less crowded day.  Sadly, the bare red wall remains and I just can’t believe Disney plans on leaving that wall that way.  I’m hoping that as the project finishes we see some thematic final touches that make the interior a better Disney experience than what was there before.  At the moment, I can’t say that it is unless you are looking for just a table to eat your meal.  We’ll have more from Casey’s Corner soon as it is just the first bit of work in the much larger Magic Kingdom “hub” transformation project that has really just gotten underway.



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