Seven Dwarfs Almost Ready to Move Into New Fantasyland Cottage as Construction Enters March 2014 – Part 2

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is an incredibly themed attraction and it has to be since you can walk around the entire base of the ride unlike most attractions at Disney Parks in which you never see the attraction’s main show building.  It shapes the new heart of Fantasyland with incredible decor that brings the Fantasy Forest concept to life at the Magic Kingdom.  We’ve already seen the Seven Dwarfs’ new home but this latest update gives us a much grander sense for how the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train both sits and shines within New Fantasyland.


Standing back and looking at what is nothing less than a masterful job by Walt Disney Imagineering you can see how the choice of rock-work changes depending on where they know guests will be viewing the mine.  You can see how the choices of plants large and small, real and artificial blend together to create a landscape that feels familiar and yet only possible in a storybook.  And while we wait to experience the attraction housed within, the exterior’s beauty isn’t without importance.  Not only does it tell a story but it also brings to the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland a character and charm that had been absent when compared to other Fantasylands around the world and certainly since the closing of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea years ago.  New Fantasyland for all that it is seemingly not, is still incredibly important to the Magic Kingdom and many will wonder how it wasn’t there from the start.  Seven Dwarfs Mine Train brings with it that potential, as it could easily become the best attraction to open at this iteration of Fantasyland.