Seven Dwarfs Almost Ready to Move Into New Fantasyland Cottage as Construction Enters March 2014 – Part 3

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction and New Fantasyland has been a long time coming, but we’ve been there each step of the way.  But just because the attraction is soon to open doesn’t mean we are slowing down one bit.  In fact we have another 30 beautiful images of the easternmost section of the new ride and its illustrious mine hillsides.  To think New Fantasyland construction began just across at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction where its facade received major enhancements to eventually tie in to the Fantasy Forest that one day would rise across from it.  That day is here and we are seeing some of the final details being placed just footsteps away from where this all began.


Watching as work paces forward on the final pieces of shingles, or the last collections of the artificial shrubbery we are left with anticipation but also a respect for the work that has meticulously gone on at the Magic Kingdom to make this all a reality.  Whether it be the paint on the rock-work that makes the boulder-laden hillsides seem larger than life or the breathtaking vistas that are already apparent and didn’t just happen by chance, the Disney difference is real when Walt Disney Imagineering and their partners are allowed to do their best work.  Seven Dwarfs Mine Train could be a good representation of that by the looks of it and it won’t be long before we get to see the lovable seven at work and judge whether they are part of the new anchor attraction of Fantasyland.