Anna and Elsa ladies and gentlemen, oh and don't forget Olaf!

Festival of Fantasy Parade Brings Joyful Daytime Delight to Magic Kingdom

When you visit Disney Parks there are staples that make the experience beyond anything you’ve felt before.  It could be anything from the usually immaculate service synonymous with Disney, to the incredible vistas of castle’s and other dreamy icons.  None of these staples happen just by chance or even magic but rather through incredible hard work that builds on a legacy of Disney Parks that spans over 50 years.  Parades are one of the Disney staples and they bring such a delightful power to their parks.  When a new parade, Disney’s Festival of Fantasy was announced for the Magic Kingdom, we felt it was overdue but we were overjoyed by its sheer potential.  But even when you have the power of the Walt Disney Company, creating a parade that is not just sparkly and new but rather bold, exciting and different, is a challenge.  A challenge that we are overjoyed to see Disney face and match up exquisitely with their breadth of talent to create a spectacular daytime extravaganza that is befitting of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.


These parade floats have details for days and that makes them feel so grandiose.
These parade floats have details for days and that makes them feel so grandiose.


With over 100 performers and fantastic kinetic floats the highest of which tops out at 32 feet over on-looking guests, this parade is nothing like the Magic Kingdom has ever seen before.  As we were capturing the wonderful video of the parade and photos for you to enjoy, we kept hearing a nearby guest exclaiming, “this is awesome.”  And she was right.  There was a magical electricity on opening day as guests lined up nearly from the time the park opened to await the afternoon festivities but even they couldn’t expect to be blown away.  The parade begins with Disney royalty both classic and new and though that start of the parade is stunningly beautiful in of itself, it isn’t even close to matching the incredible wonders of what’s to come.



From Beauty and the Beast to Frozen our first post in this wonderful series will introduce you to the details that make the Festival of Fantasy parade an instantly beloved classic by all who set eyes upon it.  It is a classic Disney adventure taken to a whole new level and that is exactly what a Disney staple should be.  Well folks, it is time for the parade to begin!