Pub Thugs, Flynn Rider and Maximus all swing back and forth in what is an incredible sight as they make their way through the Magic Kingdom!

Festival of Fantasy Parade Brings Joyful Daytime Delight to Magic Kingdom – Part 2

The Magic Kingdom’s land of fantasy now pours its magical color, whimsy and fun every afternoon as the new Festival of Fantasy parade makes its way through the park.  We’ve already seen how The Princess Garden float introduces the pristine royal magic that is to come with an elegance and grace befitting the Disney Princesses and the Magic Kingdom.  But now the parade quickly transitions into a real festive atmosphere with Tangled and The Little Mermaid parade floats.  It isn’t long before you realize this isn’t your average Magic Kingdom daytime parade!


Simply put the Tangled parade float that harkens back to the Snuggly Duckling Pub (you might remember from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film that came before the blockbuster hit, Frozen) is just a spectacular thrill.  Aboard a Pascal and Rapunzel led trireme, the Pub Thugs, Flynn Rider and trusted horse Maximus swing high above the crowds who cheer with excitement at the sight of it all.  And yet as impressive as it is, the show was arguably stolen by the incredible performance of the oversized fun of the Pub Thug mime artist, Ulf!  He is a sight to behold and though our pictures and video certainly capture some of the magic this bundle of life is something to be experienced in person when the opportunity arises.  But the fun-filled adventure continues as the celebration jumps under the sea.


Everything about Ariel is stunning, from her perfect red hair to that ever-so-intriguing comb Dinglehopper that we captured making its Festival of Fantasy parade debut.  She is led by her trusted friend and advisor Sebastian with a parade float that borrows heavily from the New Fantasyland attraction it is celebrating.  Even after this incredible start the Festival of Fantasy parade is just beginning to unleash the Disney magic as a certain Lost Boys shall foretell at the tail end of this ensemble of photos.  So enjoy because, Festival of Fantasy at the Magic Kingdom is truly Disney’s gift that keeps on giving.