Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Moves ‘From Take A Peek’ To Grab a Glance

With the first day of spring set to arrive tomorrow Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is quickly advancing upon its time window for previews and then official opening.  Though our wait continues, we are given a bit of respite with the revealing of another vast amount of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction making its New Fantasyland debut from behind construction walls.  Where guests of the Magic Kingdom were given a chance to “take a peek” now they can grab a good glance at the amazing attraction as it continues to come together in an incredible fashion.  From a forest both real and imaginary rising over New Fantasyland, to lamps hanging from bent and aged wooden posts that have a sort of fanciful reality to them, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train even in these pre-opening stages is a sight to be seen.  And there is so much to be seen for the keen eye from roller coaster break runs to the twist and turns that bend amongst the heart of Fantasyland.  Even the smallest details from the artificial grass to “rock-work” that makes safety concrete steps blend in to the background whilst still carrying wonderful detail that only Seven Dwarfs (Imagineers) could have dreamt up.  With so many photos in store we ask you to explore and if you see anything that calls your attention or are left with a question make sure to leave us a comment below.