New Fantasyland’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Approaches Opening With Nearly Completed Exterior

We know how difficult it is for Disney fans when an anticipated new attraction opening nears and they can envision themselves riding the attraction, perhaps even have dreams where they do so but alas the attraction’s entrance still lies behind construction walls.  But fret not, for we at Da Mouse have been here before and we have just the cure for your Monday, when is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train going to finally open blues.  Yes a three-part, seventy-plus photo update showing a glorious fantasy forest taking over what for too long had been a drab and uninspiring area, outside of the era 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea of course.  As most of the painting of rock-work is now completed and the faux grassy hills take their unencumbered place in Fantasyland, they already create and aura of whimsy and character that portend to an amazing and grandiose new experience in Fantasyland.


The photos embedded below begin to tell the story of just how much this area now feels green.  From towering trees standing before you to the perception of forest trees taking their place afar, the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs now has a true home in the Magic Kingdom.  A home which despite the appearance of refinement actually has some construction left to go as you might imagine.  A peek behind the construction walls afforded to us shows a glimpse of the work remaining on the south side of the attraction.  It will no doubt be a struggle for Disney fans as we await the final moment when are allowed to board for the first time our swinging and singing new ride.  But Da Mouse fans need not worry because as always, we’ve got this.


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