Power of ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway Shines As ‘Circle of Life’ is Performed on Airplane

Here at Da Mouse I’ve often spoken about the power of the Disney community.  I truly believe each and every one of you has the ability to achieve greatness, to change the world with actions small and large.  I see it, when true Disney fans will take a moment out of their vacation time to explain something to a first time visitor to the theme parks or snap a family photo that otherwise would never have been recorded and countless memories thereafter lost.  But it goes beyond the theme parks and into your daily lives.  Of the few I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person, I’ve been taken aback by your sheer generosity, love and undying light that shines on this earth.  Those I’ve only met through the power of the internet, I’ve also seen do wonderful things whether through charity and volunteerism or other incredible civic actions that describe not only the responsibility we as Disney fans carry because of what has come before but also the power of that knowledge that been given to us.  We know we can change the world because we’ve seen it happen already and that is more powerful than almost anything else you shall encounter in this lifetime.  So however you embody Disney, carry the torch and blaze new paths we are a powerful, connected community that thrives and strives for the good.


Today, we have yet another example, this time from members of the community whom also happen to work for the Walt Disney Company.  On a flight home from Brisbane, Australia passengers were introduced to that sheer power and beauty with an incredible rendition of “Circle of Life” as performed in the “The Lion King” on Broadway.  To say that I have goosebumps after watching that video is an understatement, because it speaks to the power of humanity, that when at their best there is nothing but joy, friendship and life to celebrate.  There are often struggles in our world but let hope reign onto them, let good stand over evil and let the grandiosity of life shine over all.  In two minutes these wonderful people shared a moment of incredible love and passion, music and happiness but the power of its message comes with your next action.  Make your next moment count, create the good in your own way and know that you are part of something grand in this truly wonderful circle of life.