Disney Fan Recreates Epcot’s World Showcase on Xbox One Using Project Spark’s Beta

There are many things we love about the work we do, bringing you a simple look at the world of the Walt Disney Company but little brings us the satisfaction that seeing the power of Disney fans and their sheer creativity and unique magic does.  The latest example of this comes alive on one of the next-generation gaming platforms, the Xbox One.  Using the Project Spark Beta, gamer and Disney fan Richard Costall otherwise known as ThoMaster Chief on Xbox Live, recreated World Showcase’s Mexico and Norway Pavilions.  You can jump into the virtual realm and visit the pavilions and enjoy them in ways new and familiar and in the case of the Mexico Pavilion with a nostalgic twist.  Fans of El Rio del Tiempo, can experience the ride once again through the power of Project Spark and Costall’s work and will have a difficult time not smiling ear to ear as they ride through the attraction of yesteryear now plastered with Donald Duck.  But if Maelstrom is more to your liking, rest assured that the attraction has also been beautifully recreated, troll and all, in this Project Spark world.


Mexico in Project Spark


There are other hidden features to explore and discover and you can a get a sense of them in this first Twitch stream replay embedded above.  Make sure to follow our Da Mouse Twitch channel so you can join us live as we explore this game and other Disney related gaming in the future.  If you are lucky enough to own an Xbox One (or a Windows computer with the right specs), you too can play in this World Showcase Project Spark World right now.  All you have to do is search for “Project Spark” in the Xbox One store and install the beta of the game.  Once installed, head on through the menus by clicking “play” then “community” and finally searching for “Epcot” in the provided search bar and download the free game world, sit back and enjoy.


World Showcase in Project Spark



We will have more soon on Twitch and here on Da Mouse as we hope to interview Richard Costall himself to see what drove him to create this awesome bit of Disney fan created magic.