Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Lights Up New Fantasyland

Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a Disney Park knows that the incredible theming lends itself to a beauty that often leads people to describe them as magical.  But if daytime at Disney Parks is magic, Disney at night is unforgettable and leaves us truly without words to describe the sheer majesty of it all.  Seven Dwarfs Mine Train stands to be another testament to that aura if albeit in a slightly more subtle way, making New Fantasyland light up amongst the backdrop of the night sky like never before.  The mammoth appearance of the attraction’s hillsides become part of a gentler giant at night as the glows from lanterns and spot lighting, illuminate and highlight Disney’s latest theme park ride in a way that just feels natural, as if it’s always been a part of Fantasyland.  Join us for another beautiful look at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction, this time at night that takes you around every inch of the construction site and even peeks into the queue area still behind construction walls.  From shadows and into the light a story of a lovable seven shall live on deep into every Fantasyland night.