Watch This: CGI Look at New Fantasyland’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The marketing of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction soon to open in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom continues to ramp up as this dramatization created by Disney’s Yellow Shoes exemplifies.  It shows the coaster we’ve all been waiting for with a watchful eye, even at night, as it twists and turns around bends and hillsides and into and out of mine shafts.  The simulation gives an impression of a faster coaster, so this is where we must temper your expectations because in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, speed will not be the way it provides most of its thrills.  Instead it will be the lore of a fairytale cherished by Disney fans, the beauty of a spectacularly detailed attraction and a few surprises along the way.  Still there is no denying the power of the video and how much more excited it makes us for the day soon where we can do more than dream of riding this attraction.  Till then, luckily the video embedded above has a replay button that warrants at least seven presses.