Disney Gives First Look at Animatronics Featured Within Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We are just weeks away from the soft opening of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, though Disney has yet to confirm any official dates but that isn’t stopping them from showing off the incredible wonder of the attraction.  Today Disney has released video of Walt Disney Imagineering testing and adjusting the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s lovable stars in animatronic form.  Though this is just a preview of what’s to come we have to warn for spoilers as this video gives away some of the unique details of the attraction even though we had seen them in various rendered forms before.


The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will feature animatronics, as seen in the video that take on the technology we’ve seen in attractions such as Radiator Springs Racers where the face of the animatronics are animated and projected onto the animatronic itself.  This allows Disney to remove many of the constraints of previous animatronic figures and create evermore believable characters.  Of note in this video is Dopey whose eyes are visible through “diamonds” that he has over them as he bounces gently side to side amongst the glowing rubies he’s collected during his day of work.  This is part of a new generation of dark rides for Disney Parks that we were lucky enough to experience first hand in Radiator Springs Racers not so long ago.  It raises the standard at the Magic Kingdom and we are convinced that when this attraction opens in New Fantasyland, it will be the best attraction in Fantasyland.  That is a great thing for Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom but it will undoubtedly make the need to update older attractions all the more apparent, something which Disney has been doing with mixed results at both ends of the spectrum of late.