Disney Vacation Club Expansion Brings Water Bungalow Experience to Disney’s Polynesian Resort in 2015

Disney Vacation Club is set to expand once again at Walt Disney World when it brings over-the-water bungalows to Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  Disney is targeting a 2015 opening and construction has rapidly taken place on the shoreline of the Polynesian Resort to where we now have almost fully formed water bungalows taking shape on the horizon.


Did someone say Bora Bora?

Disneys Polynesian Resort DVC Villas Construction 5


With expanded DVC offerings at Disney’s Polynesian Resort plus an additional 20 bungalows, capacity issues are clearly at the forefront of Disney’s thinking as they have already begun a renovation of Capt. Cook’s eatery and are potentially going as far as to change the lobby area’s famous waterfall oasis.  Overall we are very excited about the project though we know for many its an encroachment that will take some time to appreciate because it comes with a cost such as the closure of Sunset Pointe.  Enjoy the photos, imagine the possibilities and stay tuned because this is just the start of our Polynesian DVC journey.


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