Disney Reveals Concept Art For Disney Springs’ Food Truck Park

A month ago we learned that Disney would bring Food Truck Park to Disney Springs’ West Side, today we are getting our first look at the concept art for the Disney foodie delight.  Food Truck Park consists of an open-air-plaza that is situated between Bongos Cuban Café and the all new Starbucks opening soon.  Of course the main feature will be the four Disney food trucks representing some of the most coveted food faire from around Walt Disney World.

Food Truck Park Concept Art 1

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Disney capitalizes on the nationwide popularity of the food truck scene.


A few larger trees should provide the area some shade along with plentiful umbrella-covered seating and the new overhang that itself shall provide some cover from the scorching Florida summer sun.  The latter overhang seems to have been toned down a bit in the latest concept art and depending on the accuracy of it, seems to have moved from an adult only space back into the more family friendly category of norm at Downtown Disney, soon Disney Springs.  Access to the overhang is gained via two stairwells and or a simple but beautiful glass elevator.[/column]

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The abandoned railway goes modern.


The look of the second story overhang was originally intended to look like an abandoned railway but that also seems to have been toned down considerably as well and we see a dark gray and more modern approach that lines up nicely with the recently repainted buildings across from the construction site.  Another detail we noticed in the concept art is that the Grindhouse restaurant is nowhere to be found. Could that be because of the angle of the concept art images or just an omission since it will arrive in a later phase, it is too early to conclude at this point.  Certainly it would be a loss if we are getting the food truck scene not in addition to an exciting new restaurant or entertainment concept in Disney Springs’ West Side.[/column]

Food Truck Park Concept Art 8


Still we remain extremely excited by all the construction going on at the retail mecca of Walt Disney World, now if only that love could make its way over to Epcot.  Hey, a kid can dream right?