Da Mouse’s Final Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction Update

The moment has come where the men and women who have labored to make this New Fantasyland attraction a reality get to stop working (outside of furious final touches) and hand off the everyday grind to the lovable seven who we know are more than up to the challenge.  It’s been an incredible road for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, one that we’ve been a part of since it was just a rumored change in the New Fantasyland footprint over three years ago.  It is an emotional time for all us, some of us excited beyond belief, others can’t wait for the hoopla to end but for me and for Da Mouse, it is a grand moment of reflection and pure joy, for the process of it all is almost as grand as the smiles that shall stream around the bends of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in due time.  From drawing boards to animatronics that imitate the life given to the characters in Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs so many years ago there is so much here and we hope our pictures, words and videos have done their part in honoring the good works past and present.  I hope that it has enriched your lives whether by looking at this process with newfound appreciation or just smiling at the latest batch of photos of the theme park wonder under construction at a park that means so much to so many.  Today on the eve of the attraction’s press previews, as little remains secret about the adventure we are to enjoy other than everything coming together as one, I’d like to think that the latter is what our growing part of the Disney Community at large has done.  Given us a place to unite, share, laugh, criticize, comment and in the end be Disney fans.  I hope we have achieved that and we are committed at Da Mouse to creating so much more with every opportunity afforded to us in the future.  So as we enter our final Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction daytime update (don’t worry there will be a night version coming soon too) we love what our reflection shows.  A community of smart, engaged, thoughtful and spark-filled people that we humbly call our friends and appreciate everything you have done to make this all possible.




This final look that truly marks the end of construction, shows off the incredible detailed theming we’ve been in love with at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and New Fantasyland as a whole since the exterior of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction’s queue was enhanced to pave the way for the New Fantasyland Expansion.  But again the point that I will stress is just how important the trees and other vegetation added to Fantasyland, especially now with their abundance both real and faux at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, bring the beauty that had been missing in this iteration of Fantasyland relative to Disneyland.  The Fantasyland Forest brings beauty, shade and the grandiosity of nature present in the storybook films that made Walt Disney Animation famous.  Now they provide a backdrop for your adventures and be it subtle to most, represents in many ways the most significant change to Fantasyland.  At every turn your eye has something to draw its attention and the canopy though usually relegated to the immediate surrounding areas of the New Fantasyland attractions ties it all together.  But of course there is more than just towering trees and flowers blooming at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.




Our latest peek at the attraction shows off the south-facing side of the attraction whose construction walls are now a thing of the past.  Revealed is the queue of the attraction, a better look at the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage and the attraction’s entrance signage.  The queue is a winding path picketed with “wood fencing” you’ve seen around other areas of the attraction with industrial fans to help combat the Florida humidity that will bear down despite the shade provided by the aforementioned and plentiful trees.  Since strollers still don’t magically disappear and reappear when you embark and disembark from Disney attractions as much as we wish upon stars for it to happen, stroller parking has been taken into account as well with its own sectioned off space.  We’ve gotten a great look at the first lift hill of the attraction and even grabbed a glance at some of the interactive portion of the queue.  But enough words it is time to give your eyes one more construction update feast as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train joins the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.


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