Disney Gives Extended Preview of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s Animatronics

Disney has just released another extended look at some of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s animatronic figures, including our first look at Doc and Sleepy.  Of course if you are afraid of spoilers this is where we kindly advise you to skip along to another one of our wonderful articles.  For the rest of ya still with us, there is quite a ton of visual detail to see in this video, though it’s really more of an extended look in addition to the video Disney released just a short while ago.  One of the standouts is the iconic walking shadows of the Seven Dwarfs effect that we’ve seen in the CGI renderings of the attraction but now for the first time in raw footage.  Also we must again note the fluidity with which these animatronics operate is outstanding and the Imagineers in the video below speak to the amount of invention necessary to pull the entire project together with these animatronics pushing the boundaries of what Walt Disney Imagineering has accomplished before.  Corporations love to talk about synergy but the video shows a prime example of what is possible when various portions of the Walt Disney Company collaborate on a project in this manner.  The results are a stunning Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story realized in the heart of New Fantasyland.