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‘Rivers of Light’ to Headline Animal Kingdom’s Expanded Roster of Nighttime Offerings

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has set upon a journey that culminates in the opening of an Avatar themed land in 2017.  But despite Disney’s Animal Kingdom being one of Disney’s most beautiful, unique and potential-filled theme parks to date, it has several areas of concern that must be addressed especially if the park is to become not just a half-day afterthought in your Walt Disney World vacation.  Disney chose today to announce just how they are going to headline the changes to Animal Kingdom that attempt to make it more than just worthy of your days but also the calling of your nights.

 The new calling of your Walt Disney World nights?

New Details on ÒRivers of LightÓ Nighttime Spectacular Coming to DisneyÕs Animal Kingdom

Rivers of Light, Disney’s latest nighttime spectacular will raise Disney’s Animal Kingdom to its climactic conclusion every night in the waters of the Discovery River between Expedition Everest and Discovery Island.  The show will feature live music, floating lanterns and swirling animal imagery over water screens all with the backdrop of an enhanced Tree of Life, if that part of the concept art is to be believed.  Though no official opening date has been set you can expect the show will make its debut prior to the eventual Avatar themed land’s opening.  Rivers of Light carries yet more hope of turning Disney’s Animal Kingdom into the park it should have been since it opened over fifteen years ago.