Previewing the Disney Springs West Side Starbucks

Starbucks at Disney Springs West Side Entrance Concept Art

Starbucks continues to make its mark at Walt Disney World, following the lead of the Disneyland Resort, with the soon-to-be-opening Starbucks storefront at Disney Springs West Side and with the Starbucks kiosk located between the World of Disney store entrances at Disney Springs Marketplace.  Today we are previewing the larger of the two new Starbucks Disney Springs installments.  When the new flagship Starbucks storefront opens at Disney Springs West Side we can expect some of the finer details that made it into the Downtown Disney District version at the Disneyland Resort to make the trip over to Walt Disney World, alongside some special design choices that highlight Disney Springs West Side.


Starbucks at Disney Springs West Side - Side View and Green Roof


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[column size=one_half position=last ]This Starbucks has a very modern design with a largely concrete and glass aesthetic that will also feature a green roof that speaks to part of the company’s environmental consciousness.  Overlooking the Disney Springs waterfront will be a covered patio along with a fireplace.  The interior of the Starbucks set to open before summer arrives will include a “Human Connection Wall” with large touch-screen monitors that give guests the ability to draw images using their fingers.

Starbucks Downtown Disney District - 3
Starbucks Clover Bar as seen at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney District



Another staple of this Starbucks will be its Clover Bar.  The Clover bar brings forth a new brewing technology developed by Starbucks in 2007 that will allow guests to experience special reserve coffees brewed to order.  It will give coffee-connoisseurs a way to experience roasts that otherwise would be too limited in quantity to feature in a regular Starbucks setting and offering.  Behind the Clover Bar will sit a screen displaying images from coffee regions from across the globe.

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Our latest look at the construction shows an exterior that is quickly nearing completion and an interior that has begun to receive some of its thematic elements.  We see the red ringed enclosure that will allow a beautiful palm tree to “sprout” between the concrete roof as noted in the concept art.


[column size=one_half position=first ]Lastly, we might be seeing the first piece of the West Side’s overhang under construction as what looks to be the first section of a second story railway has taken root within the confines of the Starbucks construction.  Coffee nirvana is clearly getting closer to reality at the area to be formerly known as Downtown Disney and we still have a Starbucks kiosk at Disney Springs Marketplace as well as Starbucks iterations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom to look forward to.[/column]

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