The Future is Color Coded at Epcot, A Theme Park That’s Lost Its Way

Disney means so much to so many people.  Epcot represents so much to the people of the world.  When I share my feelings here on Da Mouse both with praise and adoration or with disgust and critique, I do so with the utmost respect for the Walt Disney Company and the people who have made it and those who challenge themselves everyday still to make it what it continues to be.  From that respect, no words make it on here that aren’t thought out, heartfelt and filled with reasoned passion.  It’s why when WDWMagic reported that there would be a reshuffling of Epcot’s management just five days after I expressed the failures of current day Epcot right here on Da Mouse, the news barely moved me.  It was and still is very apparent to me that Epcot as a whole and especially Future World is a shell of the theme park it should be when considering Disney’s vast resources, powerful capabilities and the theme parks’ time on this earth that now spans over three decades.

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A situation so dire that Epcot’s management would need to at bare minimum completely revamp two pavilions one shamefully closed, the other shamefully open.

New paint on the hodgepodge of Future World whose vistas are now lined with Starbucks, MyMagic+, a pin trading station, Coca-Cola and character meet and greets before any sense of technology is apparent, only crystalize the concerns of the overall direction of a theme park that long ago lost its way.  Far from the cause it is just part of the seemingly inevitable that has become the essence of what lowercase Epcot has been allowed to become.  A situation so dire that Epcot’s management would need to at bare minimum completely revamp two pavilions one shamefully closed the other shamefully open, (Wonders of Life and the Imagination Pavilion respectively even though its sadly obvious what I’m referring to) just so that Epcot could claim parity with the theme park of nearly a decade ago.


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With Animal Kingdom finally set to gain the attractions necessary to make it the park it was supposed to be on day one when it opened, one has to wonder when will Epcot at least gain the vision necessary for it to once again be the shining beacon of the future it should proudly and unquestionably be today.

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