Star Wars: Symphony in the Stars, A Taste of the Nightly Fireworks Absent from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last night’s Star Wars: Symphony in the Stars capped off an amazing first day in the yearly Star Wars Weekends run at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The fireworks were brilliant, not just because of their luminosity but because the power of the Star Wars score alongside them still spurs goosebumps in anyone who encounters its masterful arrangement of symphony.  We’ve elegantly captured the experience in the video below but what quickly becomes apparent to everyone who has been a Disney fan long enough to remember nightly fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, then Disney-MGM Studios, is that fireworks at Walt Disney World’s third theme park should not be relegated to special occasions and rather should be a staple of the Hollywood Studios experience.  Imagine if Disneyland weren’t the only park where you could experience the thrilling nighttime spectacle Fantasmic! after having witnessed a breathtaking firework display in an incredibly intimate setting.  We’ve talked about the potential of Disney’s Hollywood Studios to move from a sore spot at Walt Disney World to the forefront of the magic at the resort and this is but one of the most glaringly obvious opportunities sitting before decision makers at the Walt Disney Company.  It’s a decision that could use a bit of lightspeed.