Starbucks Kiosk Now Open at Downtown Disney Marketplace as Disney Springs Looms Large

Starbucks has arrived at yet another Disney location this time in the form of a kiosk that has opened at Downtown Disney Marketplace as the lead up to Disney Springs looms large on the horizon.  The kiosk, unlike its larger sibling that shall be opening very soon at Downtown Disney West Side doesn’t offer seating or tables in the immediate vicinity.  While the typical lounge is missing guests will undoubtedly enjoy the convenience of having a marquee coffee and more brand nestled amongst the incredibly popular and soon to be expanded World of Disney store.  The Starbucks Marketplace kiosk is simple but striking as Starbucks stores usually are and features beautiful wood, steel and glass flourishes as part of its Marketplace theming and design.  It represents the latest of six locations to open at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort with three more pending at Walt Disney World.