Disney Springs Aerial Photos Detail Expansive Construction Footprint

For all the concept art and the models of Disney Springs there is nothing that can really tell the story of just how massive this project is quite like seeing it for yourself.  Guests of Disney Parks are usually concerned with the outward facing attractions and entertainment venues that hold the vast majority of the Disney vacation experience.  And there is plenty of that under construction here at Disney Springs and still more that has yet to even break ground but the story also includes vast infrastructure changes and improvements that really allow for this new Disney retail mecca to take shape.  To share with you this expansive story, Da Mouse is taking our latest Disney Springs construction update to new heights.



When The Landing opens in 2015, Downtown Disney will officially transition into Disney Springs.




[column size=one_quarter position=first ]From high above we see much of the progress we’ve detailed from the ground albeit from a new and totally breathtaking angle.  This is includes the vast construction work that will open as The Landing in 2015 when Downtown Disney will officially transition into Disney Springs.  The Landing will feature food and entertainment, ranging from an aviation themed bar and restaurant to a restaurant, “The Boathouse,” that as WDWMagic reported will include amphicars as part of the overall theming and entertainment value.  We can also confirm through one of our sources that the amphicars have already undergone testing at Walt Disney World.  The vintage looking vehicles turned watercraft first seen in the Disney Springs concept art, will likely be available to rent for a leisurely cruise, though we’ll have to see if everything turns out as these early indicators point to.  [/column]

[column size=three_quarter position=last ]

The Landings and The Boathouse Amphicars Concept Art[/column]


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