Tree of Life Fireflies Effect Hints at Animal Kingdom’s Future of Nighttime Experiences

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is seen as the runt of Walt Disney World theme parks and it’s difficult to argue otherwise as the park hasn’t offered guests enough attractions and entertainment to be deemed worthy to remain open regularly after the Sun has set.  Soon that all changes.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom is on a path of transformation that leads it into the night and into an AVATAR-inspired land that will also shine when the night’s sky rises.  As part of the Harambe Nights special event, guests were treated to a spectacular Animal Kingdom surprise as Disney chose this moment to unveil a never-before-seen effect on the park’s icon, the Tree of Life.  The effect (that can be seen in the video embedded above) appears to be created through the use of lasers, giving the appearance of a multitude of twinkling blue lights that float on the leaves of the Tree of Life like fireflies.  It comes together for a stunning effect that thus far we had only previously seen in concept art that Disney had released teasing the nighttime experiences that are to come to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


DisneyÕs Animal Kingdom Theme Park Expands


[column size=one_third position=first ]The concept art Disney released didn’t just show an illuminated Tree of Life, it showed much more.  The concept art included street performers and something else we saw on Harambe Nights’ opening night, glow-in-the-dark face paint.  Might we see “war paint” variations emanating from the various lands of the Animal Kingdom to converge for nighttime gatherings at the park’s coming entertainment offerings alongside “Rivers of Light” and around a newly illuminated Tree of Life?  Time shall tell but what is certain is that Animal Kingdom’s best days and certainly best nights appear ahead of her yet.[/column]

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