‘Frozen’ Summer Fun Fireworks Contend with Stormy Weather on Opening Night

Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen” may be all about creating snow flurries but Florida’s weather is very good at creating a wet and stormy brew of its own.  Frozen Summer Fun enjoyed much of the best of Florida in the early morning hours but the afternoon told another more soggy story.  Luckily the weather cleared just enough for the new special Frozen themed fireworks to shoot into the night’s sky without a hitch.  That is until the end of the first number when the weather conditions were not allowing the firework smoke to clear and kept most of the brilliance of this firework performance away from view of the guests who were still happily making the most of it by singing along to the incredible music of the film as they had for much of the day.  Luckily our cameras did a better job of catching the spectacle than the human eye ever could and so while we’ll likely be back for a better video soon, this video is a great teaser of the spectacle now running nightly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  So kick back and enjoy.