New Utility Pipe Installation Adds to the Growing Future World Eyesore

Have you seen Epcot lately?  No I don’t mean Spaceship Earth which remains the breathtaking visual engineering wonder it’s always been, I mean Future World.  Have you seen the color-coded wonder Disney has dreamed up?  Well my friends, it seems the visual clutter continues to grow and we aren’t talking about the World Cup overlay on the regrettably seasonal former location of the Odyssey Restaurant.  No we are talking about a construction site that has sprouted behind Club Cool and between the lake that precedes the World Showcase.  I first learned of this latest construction through a close friend who had visited Epcot on a recent vacation and was told by a Cast Member that the reason for the construction had been a sinkhole.

[column size=one_third position=last ]The visual clutter continues.[/column]

 [column size=one_third position=first ]Sinkhole or not, Future World is stale.[/column]

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While it is entirely possible that a sinkhole may have indeed formed after a broken pipe, we can not confirm at this time what the reason for the construction is other than what is plainly visible.  Namely new pipe fittings that run along under the area where the butterfly garden makes its home at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival.  Although this is likely to be completed soon and everything restored like new, it just underscores an Epcot that has been allowed to become stale in much the same vein as Disney’s Hollywood Studios before it.  Sinkhole or not it is the park that is supposed to carry a sliver of the vision of Walter Elias Disney that management needs to shore up.


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