Extensive Refurbishment of Astro Orbiter and Peoplemover Introduces Orange to Tomorrowland

Astro Orbiter and Peoplemover Refurbishment Mid July 2014 - 3

At the center of the Tomorrowland universe at the Magic Kingdom lies two classic attractions beloved by so many, the Astro Orbiter and the Peoplemover.  But anyone who enters Tomorrowland at the moment might just notice something has gone missing in the Tomorrowland skyline, namely Astro Orbiter and the planets that well, orbit the attraction.  With Astro Orbiter not set to reopen till September 20, 2014 its easy to see that little of this attraction won’t get a nice touch up.


Astro Orbiter and Peoplemover Refurbishment Mid July 2014 - 4

Astro Orbiter and Peoplemover Refurbishment Mid July 2014 - 2

Astro Orbiter and Peoplemover Refurbishment Mid July 2014 - 1


As for the Peoplemover, fans only have to wait till August 5, 2014 but that doesn’t mean the attraction isn’t going to get a bit of a refresh as well.  From what we’ve been able to see already it appears that both Tomorrowland attractions are moving into a new paint scheme that includes a very modern, fire orange that at least at first glance we are totally in love with.  It stands out on the columns that have been painted within the Peoplemover boarding area and the uppermost railings of the Astro Orbiter launchpad elevator.  The first hints of the new paint scheme can be seen in the new Dream Builders signs surrounding the construction walls.  We’ll have to see just how everything turns out but if this portends to a bit of modernization headed to Tomorrowland overall we’d certainly welcome it.  These small changes already have us excited but there is always one more thing.


Dale Debuts New Astro Orbiter Paint Scheme?


One of our long time Instagram followers @REVFLAKE985 pointed out to us that a recent Disney pin set included Chip and Dale pins riding the Orbiter in nothing other than orange trimmed vehicles.  While it’s only speculation at this point, something we try to avoid here on Da Mouse, it could potentially be a sign of things to come whether it be a new modernized paint scheme or new ride vehicles altogether.  It won’t be long before we see just what will be blasting off into the Tomorrowland atmosphere and weaving around its perimeter as both Astro Orbiter and the Tomorrowland Peoplemover make their return.  Til’ then make sure to get that spacesuit in working condition and you might want to throw in an orange stripe or two, we hear it’s in vouge.