‘The Landing’ Lands at Disney Springs

Downtown Disney will never be the same again as Disney Springs is quickly making its mark throughout the Disney retail destination.  At the forefront of the construction is The Landing one of the three “neighborhoods” surrounding the Town Center at Disney Springs.  Much of the steel that will form the buildings that will house shops and restaurants like, “The Boathouse,” is now fully formed within the area that for a time was set to become Disney’s Hyperion Wharf before those Downtown Disney redevelopment plans were axed.  The outlines of the concept art for The Landing are in place and you can even see where the distinctive tower that highlights the area is now jutting out above the rest of the steelwork.

The steel outlines of The Landing are in place.


The Landing is quickly reshaping Downtown Disney.

Also of note, is that one of the buildings is much further along in construction than the others with its brick siding in place.  This may portend to a staggered opening that would see this location open sometime before the rest of The Landing is ready for prime time.  The Landing is quickly reshaping Downtown Disney by providing true waterfront venues and yet another performance stage right on the water that should make sure this backside of Disney Springs will always be a place that can’t be missed.