Astro Orbiter Begins Reassembly Ahead of Late September Re-Launch

Intergalactic fun is about to return to Tomorrowland as a completely refurbished Astro Orbiter begins to be pieced together bringing its bright new color scheme in tow. It is an odd sight to see Tomorrowland without its iconic attraction at the center.  But it has created a sense of anticipation for its return and the shiny new paint already visible on the attraction’s base only adds to our desire to ride it as soon as it re-opens.  The attraction’s elevator has now been fully engulfed in fire orange and really pops amongst the Tomorrowland landscape.  You can see how the new color scheme makes its way throughout Astro Orbiter and onto the surrounding areas that include the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.  It certainly portends of things to come and so far we mostly like where things are headed.  Astro Orbiter is preparing for launch on September 28, 2014 so you might want to ready that space suit of yours.


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