Epcot Future World Pathway Being Rebuilt After Utility Pipe Work

Disney has been moving a ton of dirt around in Future World lately but sadly not for any new attractions.  Instead major utility pipe work caused a large portion of a Future World pathway to be demolished in order to work on the area.  Now the pathway is being rebuilt and we have a good idea of when the newly poured path will make its debut.  With the 2014 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival set to begin on September 19, you can be sure that Disney will have this somewhat important artery open before the crowds descend upon the park.  We can see the outlines of the new pathway that seem to fall exactly where the old path was.  Though a bit of concrete has been cast, there is still a ton more to be poured along with the rolling out of new grass and fencing.  Soon the pathway will be back as if nothing ever happened, wish we could say the same thing about that Future World paint scheme.